Photos: The Tarago - Vickie Etherington's Obedience Day
            Colleen RNSWCC Show Secretry, - Cabal Candid Camera (Barbara Killworth         
            General Specials (In Show Awards)
                            Terrier, Gundog, Hound, Utility, No-Sporting, - Cabal Candid Camera
                            Toys - From Wellington, New Zealand
                            Working Dogs - Taken by "Mum" - Bunderberg,  Queensland, Australia


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                  Colleen T Mitchell
                  International All Breeds Dog Judge
                  Life time with interest in pure bred dogs
                  Born in New Zealand & proudly hold dual citizenship.
                  Personally owned; or family association with a list of                                     
                                  breeds from all the Groups
Owned, Handled and Campaigned, Papillons, Pekingese, Pugs,
     Cocker Spaniels, Shetland Sheepdogs, German Shepherds.
By 1991 - Had titled seventeen Champions
Bred and Owned two Sire and their sons,
      Best In Show All Breed Winners
Many Best in Show awards with both home bred/purchased Dogs

Imported nine pure bred dogs over four breeds.
Pekingese, Shetland sheepdog, Dachshunds to New Zealand,
      and both Swedish and Scottish Papillons to Australia

1964 - Pioneered the first AI consignment, Under the then
     Royal Agricultural Society Kennel Control -
                                        helping with the original paper work.

Held the strict requirements of qualification to commence
      my judging career in 1968 in Australia,
Obtained full International All Breeds Judging Licence 1983.
      Held now for 30 years

Individual Group judging licences
· Hounds (1969)
· Gundogs (1970)
· Toys (1971)
· Working dogs  (1972)
(took leave from study for some attention needed to business!)
· Utility & Non-Sporting (1980)
· Terriers (1983)
From  1968 until 1991 and beyond engaged in all Judges Training
       scheme as Candidate, Lecturer, Examiner, Executive.

RNSWCC Judges Training Scheme Examination Committee
      Licenced Examiner JTS All Breeds - served for many years

NSW Gold Medal winner-(1985) State Obedience Trial(Papillon)

As of 2013 - I have been a Member of
      Royal New South Wales Canine Council
      (now Known as Dogs NSW for more than 45 years)
Previously member of New Zealand Kennel Council

Retired - Director for 12 years (RNSWCC)
                   Royal New South Wales Canine Council
      12 years of service and never missed a meeting.

Inaugural Chairman, RNSWCC Sporting Committee - Covering-
      Inground Hunting/Earth Dogs, Lure Coursing,
      Sheepdog Trialling, Flyball, etc.,
Held office as Chairman  RNSWCC Journal Committee & Public
      Relations Committee
Foundation member RNSWCC Disaster Committee
Member RNSWCC Library and Archives Committee - many years
Member RNSWCC People and Pets Committee - for its duration

Served as Show Secretary RNSWCC Spring Fair Show.

Passed Stewards Exams and pioneered Lady Stewards

Foundation member & First Publicity Officer -
                               The Dog Judges Association (Australia)

A member/officer of numerous breed clubs,
Patron of several Breed, Group & All Breed Clubs

Served on Working Parties RNSWCC Canine Good Citizens,
                              Puppy Exports, Management Consultant,
                              and Aggressive Dogs