All these books are comb bound for ease in opening flat, have photographic front cover with crisp board back covers protected by clear dust sheets.  The pages are printed on quality A4 white paper.  The print is 12 pt. for ease of study.

Each book is registered with its own ISBN (International System Book Number)
Please note:   Early ten digit ISBN numbers have been changed to 13 digits  to comply with computer format.    At this time you can go to the National Library's web page converter and type in the old number to convert, should the need arise.


These volumes are catalogues of many happenings in the history of the breed, and are represented by the many illustrations and are a must for serious students, breeders and judges - that is all those who seek details of a particular breed and what makes some dogs into the big winners of the day. 

                         RESPONSIBLE BREEDING
                         A VASTLY EXTENDED STANDARD
                         PRESENTATION TIPS
                         A VASTLY EXTENDED STANDARD
                         HOW TO CHOOSE A PUPPY TO KEEP
                         HOW TO OBSERVE & JUDGE WHAT YOU SEE & FEEL
                         PLUS MUCH MORE -
                                     WITH AN INSIGHT TO THE WORLD OF SHOWING DOGS.

These books combine the knowledge gained by research from an extensive private
Library dating back to the 17th century, and family/personal experience.

They all concentrate on the early known beginnings of the breed under study and point to where and how the selective breeding took place by design or accident to compliment the given purpose of each individual breed, with many anecdotes and illustrations of the subject under discussion.

Many handling and grooming hints are given for the Show Ring and some handling and training advice is also taken into account, being careful to round out as much detail as possible for the novice as well as the more experienced Dog Breeder, Judge or Owner.

The STANDARD is the “Rules” of conformation, characteristics and temperament that govern the correct specimen of each breed. This is laid down by the Registering Body - Kennel Control in  your Country!   This set of instructions is taken apart phrase by Phrase, and illustrated with both good and incorrect examples, which makes it easy to follow.

Reasons are given why the individual breed standards demands these rules to maintain the breed for the best results of the purpose for which it was evolved.  

Help is given to make the best of what you have, and how you may fool a judge who is not up-to-the-minute with their knowledge.

Several hints are given on how to proceed both as Exhibitor and Judge that will help to make a great hobby into a pleasant experience for all concerned.  Well worth the read!

Although the subjects are treated in a light hearted manner, there is no doubt of the sincerity of the information, which is presented in a way that is easy to assimilate and put into effect.

                                                                                Colleen T Mitchell  -  “Waiwurri” Kennels. (AUST.)
                                                                                          "Teckelsprechen" Kennels & "Threejays" Kennels (N.Z.)


The Photo: Taken By "Jul"? (Top of page) Was of a sweet Chinese Crested who took out Best Toy in Group (Colleen Mitchell) and Runner-up Best In Show (Tony Valli) at Queensland's Lowood Ag.Society Show 4.6.94. It was a SPECIAL day for both judges....Tony made up his All Breed Licence by being Examined for Toys by me.  Later "news" was that The little dog had taken out Res.CC Dog (11 entries) at QLD Brisbane Royal - and still only a Junior.

THE 1960 CARTOON: was filched - and coloured -  from the 2nd edition of THE DACHSHUND CLUB (Founded 1881 (UK) ) -News Letter - I am lucky enough to own the 1st edition 1959 and I am lucky enough to hold 61,62,63,64,65,67 In the 1967 ISSUE a Dog I owned and Campaigned is the hero of an article; in this account he is noted as holding 5 NZ CC's, and was not very old.
DOG BOOKS       

The Pure Bred Dog Text Book Series           Covering
  Information for Breeder, Judge and Owners

Some details are included in the shaded part of the "Index-Home" page about the perceived need for some set information about as many indivdual breeds as possible and what started out to be a STANDARD of one of my favourite breeds in a FORMAT covering a fair amount of knowledge for anyone wishing to begin breeding, showing or attempting to become a judge, would need, became a requested pattern for a series of books that, I am pleased to say, have found favour in many countries as well as here.
Some hints on measuring and making an effort to use the rules of the  given STANDARDS to the advantage of the breed and the joyous results of breeding and presenting top winners for your own pleasure and for those that come after you and  follow on your legacy of dedication.